Dreaming forever with SNSD.

Today, I started to love SNSD more. I learned how struggling it was for them to get the spot they have now. It wasn’t really that easy. Seeing the passion, dedication, and love in them touched my heart. Their journey to stardom was quite like a horseback ride where they first had to fell and try over and over again. They had to work hard just to prove to people that they could make it and that they are something. 

All they wanted was just to fulfill their dreams, but because they have a good heart and they love what they’re doing, they made it. 

They fell but were able to stand up again. Hurt but gained much confidence. Hated but were able to gain love. And now, they need not to prove themselves to people who don’t believe in them because they already did it to people who believed and still believing in them.

I may not have been there to cheer them up when they wanted to give up their dreams, but I promise that I will cheer and stay until the very end. 

It hasn’t been an easy journey to the girls, and it will never be. But as long as they’re together, and continuing the dreams they had first dreamed of, they will forever be the girls that I admire. 

I love you, Girls’ Generation!Image


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