Beyond the beyond.

I felt really bad a while ago in school. My friends teased me again and named me a few “things” which I did not tolerate this time. I think they’re being rude now. They’re stepping beyond the limit! I pity myself for not being brave and being able to speak what’s inside me especially when I’m already mad. I hate it. I was holding back my tears while I was resting my head on the arm chair, but wasn’t able to hold it for long so I started to shed some tears in silence. I wanted to cry it out loud but was to shy to show coz’ they might think of something else which might put myself into a greater embarrassment. I don’t understand why they have to tease me EVERYDAY, EVER MINUTE, and EVERY SECOND of MY EVERYDAY SCHOOL, I don’t understand! Can they just free me from this for once? Even for once?! 



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