On the other hand, it’s Girl’s Generation!!

Well, I just wanted to tell everyone the things that run in my head right now. Who would have thought that a girl like me who’s into ballad and senti music would learn to love kpop and dance songs? Wow! It’s kinda new thing for me, but yeah, it doesn’t matter. Do you know how much I love these girls now? I can’t explain the feeling. I just learned to love them. Who would complain anyway, right? These girls are giving me such a different feel which I totally love! They’re amazing and gorgeous and I just can’t… ugh! (I wish I can just show you what I really feel here LOL).

These pictures show pureness, cuteness, freedom and happiness in them. They really are different here. They look so ordinary and I love it! Last January 19, they held a concert here in the Philippines (not a Solo concert though) which totally drove every kpop lovers crazy. The whole ground gone wild and the atmosphere was great. (Though I haven’t watched it live LOL). They were great and showed professionalism even though there were technical troubles during their performance. Seeing tweets on the internet made me totally cry, and I felt so stupid for not being a fan before. (I’ve been a fan 2 weeks ago, sorry.) I’ve already wasted half of my life, okay, but I can still see them coz’ they said they will definitely be coming back and I was like “!@#$%^&*(*&^%$#$%^!!” I’m saving now, just in case.

And oh by the way, I’m starting to collect albums already, so if ever, I’ll be posting them here. LOL. Ugh! Girls’ Generation, I love you!!!!

– From a newly fan.. ♥


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